The most important investment for the future that any parent can do is through their children. With that in mind, it is also important to understand that children have unique health needs, which require specialised care. Apollo Clinic’s Paediatric department offers state-of-the-art facilities, technology and expertise to ensure that your child gets the best care, as well as a child-friendly environment to make the process of healing as be facilities as comfortable as possible.

With one of the best paediatrics department in the country, our services cover the complete gamut of health care needs that our young patients might require help for, including: 

Wheezing or Asthma In Children – 
With studies showing that there is an increase in asthma incidence in children due to increased environmental pollution, it is advisable to seek the help and guidance of the best in the field. TEATREE Healthcare’s paediatric specialists offer young patients who may be suffering from asthma the right diagnosis and care. You should schedule with our speciality clinic immediately if your child develops symptoms like prolonged coughing spells, complaint of chest tightness, or wheezing. 

Ear Infections – 
Inflammation of the middle ear, usually by bacteria, is a commonly faced problem by children. While the vast majority of cases are not serious and resolve on their own in a few days, severe cases can occur, which can cause your child’s eardrum to rupture, lead to temporary hearing loss and excessive ear pain. 

At TEATREE Healthcare, our paediatric department is well-versed with understanding the severity of each case and diagnosing the right kind of care and treatment. You should schedule an appointment with one of our paediatric specialists if your child is excessively tugging his/her ear, having trouble sleeping, fever, fluid draining from the ear, problems with balance or trouble hearing soft sounds. 

Paediatric Diarrhoea:  Diarrhoea in children, while common, can be a serious issue, as it can lead to dehydration, which in turn can alter the natural balance of water in your child’s body, and also lead to sodium, potassium and chloride imbalance. Thus, it is essential for you to know when to seek the medical help. Apollo Clinic’s team of paediatric specialists can help pinpoint the exact cause of this, and prescribe either Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) or following the World Health Organization’s protocol for treatment, which includes low osmolality ORS formulation and zinc supplements. You should immediately book an appointment at our paediatric speciality clinic if your child is suffering from symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, cramping or dehydration.  

Pneumonia: If your child is suffering from high fever, a cough that produces yellowish or green mucus, excessive sweating or chills, flushed skin, wheezing or having difficulty breathing, there is a chance that he/she may be suffering from pneumonia. Apollo Clinic’s paediatric department will help understand the infection that is causing this condition, and diagnose the correct therapy procedure for the fastest recovery.  

Fever in children: Fever can be caused by a number of issues. For the most part, infection is the cause of more cases of fever, which also cause conditions like cold, respiratory or infectious diseases. Frequent bouts of fever can indicate a deeper issue, though, making it advisable to not take any chances. If your child is suffering from symptoms like a sore throat, an earache, pain while urinating, difficulty walking, shortness of breath or rash development. Apollo Clinic’s paediatric speciality clinic offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment protocol, which not only helps to tackle the fever but also contributes to understand and address the cause of the condition. 

Nutrition: Eating the right food items, and getting enough nutrients, is essential for a child’s growth and health. In certain cases, a child may not get enough nutrients from his/her diet, leading to a deficiency in essentials vitamins and minerals. In such cases, medical conditions like Anaemia, Calcium deficiency or Rickets can arise. Depending on the condition arising, TEATREE Healthcare’s paediatric department is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to give an accurate reading of the issue, as well as the right form of treatment that can be followed to ensure that the condition is tackled properly. Also, our experienced paediatric specialists are well equipped to help you manage your child’s diet plan, to ensure that such an issue can be mitigated. 

Injuries: Injuries are a fairly common occurrence during childhood. The commonality of this though doesn’t negate the need for immediate treatment, to avoid increasing the severity of the injury, or to avoid lasting damage. Be it an injury from a fall, a road accident, burns or scalds, TEATREE Healthcare’s team of experienced paediatric specialists will not only make sure that your child’s injury is properly taken care of, but will also ensure that your child’s pain is taken care of with empathy and sensitivity.  

Poisonings: Accidental poisoning is one of the most serious medical emergencies encountered in paediatric care. Whether the condition is faced from consuming prescribed medication, cleaning products, cosmetics or poisonous plants, it is essential to immediately take action. At Apollo Clinic, our paediatrics department is equipped with an emergency protocol to help tackle every kind of accidental poisoning, as well as paediatric specialists who are well versed with talking emergency cases. You should immediately seek medical help if your child is complaining of nausea, vomiting, excessive drowsiness, stomach pain or burns/damage inside the mouth and food pipe. 
Psychological Concerns: Taking care of your child’s psychological needs is a large part of what paediatric care is about. From anxiety disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Autism, eating disorders, mood disorders or schizophrenia, our team of experienced paediatric specialists are equipped, not only to help your child tackle his/her issues, but also help you, as a parent, through this difficult journey as well.  

Dental Health: Dental care is, perhaps, one of the most overlooked detail in preventive health maintenance, especially in children. It is essential, as the foundations for healthy, permanent teeth in children and teenagers are put in place during the first years of life. Thus, it is critical to not just have an oral hygiene routine in place, but also to have experienced paediatric specialists in place for regular monitoring and tackling any dental issues that may arise. 

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