Back and neck pain is a common ailment that can affect people of any age. However, it is more prevalent in adults aged 35-55 years. Lower back pain can significantly influence the quality of life and cause disability, especially in women. In India, the rate of occurrence of lower back pain is quite alarming with nearly 60 % of the populace complaining of lower back pain at some point during their lifetime. At Apollo Clinic’s Specialty Clinic for Back and Neck Pain, we are equipped to provide pain management services focused on sustainable relief. Our specialist doctors’ expertise is complemented by the state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities to ensure that we meet the requirements of all our patients.

What is Back and Neck Pain?

Simply put, it is a pain that is felt in the back or neck. Back and neck pain may be acute or chronic. Acute pain occurs suddenly and lasts for a few days or a month. Chronic pain develops over a period and is persistent, causing long-term issues.

What are the causes of Back and Neck Pain?

Our back and neck are made up of several muscles, tendons, discs, bones, ligaments, tissues and bones. An issue with any of these could lead to back and neck pain. Common causes of back and neck pain include:

  • Strained muscles or muscle spasms
  • Strained or sprained muscles and ligaments
  • Accidents or injuries
  • Ruptured, herniated or bulging discs
  • Medical conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, cancer, meningitis
  • Abnormal curve, infection the spine
  • Pregnancy
  • Day-to-day activities such as lifting heavy objects, bending, too much stretching, standing for long hours, prolonged movements
  • Lifestyle habits such as poor posture, being overweight, smoking
  • Repeated stress
  • Ageing
  • What are the signs & symptoms of Back and Neck Pain?

Pain, itself, is one of the major symptoms of back and neck pain. The pain may be a sharp or shooting pain, a burning sensation or a dull ache. The pain may spread to the arms, hands, feet, legs or cause a tingling sensation.

Our expert team at Apollo Clinic advises on some other signs and symptoms of back and neck pain to be watchful of:

  • Persistent ache or stiffness anywhere along the spine, right from the neck to the tail bone
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inflammation or tenderness
  • Numbness in the lower spine, leg or arm
  • A continuous backache or a headache
  • Pain down the legs or below the knees
  • High body temperature or fever
  • Inability to move the neck
  • Loss of bowel movements or bladder control
  • Weight loss 

How can we help you?

At TEATREE Healthcare’s Specialty Clinic for Neck and Back Pain, we are well-equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and an eminent team of doctors specialised in pain management. Your doctor will start by having a detailed discussion regarding your medical history and lifestyle to assess the cause of the back and neck pain. Your doctor may also conduct a physical examination to observe posture and motion range. Diagnostic tests such as MRI scan, CT scan or X-ray may also be prescribed to arrive at the cause accurately. Once the cause is determined, appropriate back and neck pain treatment will follow.

In most cases, rest and over-the-counter medication such as pain relievers and muscle relaxants or antibiotics are prescribed. When these fail to provide relief, you may be asked to go for physiotherapy. Our expert team of physiotherapists use a combination of ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound along with muscle release techniques to help ease the pain. Once the pain reduces, your physiotherapist may introduce flexibility and strength exercises and techniques to prevent reoccurrence of back pain.                  

TEATREE Healthcare Support

We, at TEATREE Healthcare, offer comprehensive consultation orthopaedic care and non-invasive diagnostic services under one roof. Our multidisciplinary team of expert orthopaedics, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiro-practitioners, nurses and support staff take every measure possible to ensure that your neck and back pain treatment process is smooth and comfortable.  

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