Teatree can help keep your workers safe and healthy on the job. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, we provide everything you need to keep your workforce running.

Are you interested in bringing occupational health directly into your workplace?

Teatree can partner with you to place a medical clinic in your workplace so that it’s easier than ever for your employees to get the care they need, when they need it. Depending on your needs, we can even provide more than just occupational health and injury care.

Teatree onsite Health Centers bring an integrated medical clinic directly into your workplace, saving you and your employees time and money while improving overall health and wellness. Depending on your unique business needs, our onsite medical centers can provide a variety of services:

  • OHC/First Aid Center Set-up and Management
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Onsite Doctor Availability (MBBS and Associate Fellow of Industrial Health- AFIH)
  • Onsite Nurse, Compounder, Ambulance Driver Services
  • Bio-medical Waste Management

A Teatree Healthcare Onsite Center at your workplace can provide convenient access to high quality health care, maximize workforce productivity, and significantly reduce overall health care costs.

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