If you have certain breathing problems, particularly asthma, your doctor may prescribe a nebulization treatment or a breathing therapy. A nebulization treatment involves the use of a nebuliser which is a medical device that converts a liquid medicine into a mist, vapour or aerosol, such that it can be inhaled directly into the lungs or the air tubes. Nebulisers use electricity to generate compressed air that converts the liquid form of medicine into vapours and have power lead, tubing, a compressor, and a plastic chamber into which the medicine is put. On turning it on, the aerosol is released that can be inhaled through the mask or the mouthpiece.

How Do Nebulisers Work?

Compressed or pressurised air passes through the tube and converts the liquid medicine into a mist. During an attack of asthma or an infection, the converted mist may be easier to inhale than the spray from an inhaler. For example, when you get an asthma attack, your airways become narrow. Thus, causing you difficulty in breathing and taking deep breaths. In such times, using a nebuliser is much more effective as it delivers the medication without needing you to take deep breaths, unlike an inhaler.

Nebulisers may give short or long acting asthma medication, and more than one medication can be given to the patient at the same time. Your doctor will prescribe the type of medication and the required dosage. You may be given pre-mixed containers of liquid that can be opened and placed in the nebulization machine, or you may need to mix the solution before each use.

What are the Advantages of a Nebuliser?

There are numerous benefits of a nebuliser. They are:

  • Nebulisers are invaluable for young children who cannot use other inhalation devices.
  • They are useful for old people who cannot use inhalers.
  • They are helpful in an acute attack situation, especially for home self-use.
  • It provides a patient with the psychological support that effective help is available at hand.
  • Some severe asthmatics may get more relief with nebulized medicines as compared to the inhaler devices.

At TEATREE Healthcare, we understand the importance of your health and the need for nebulization. Therefore, we provide you with a broad range of services, including nebulization that is held in our treatment rooms. Thus, making you feel comfortable during the treatment.

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