Birth controls come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the incredibly high-tech to the simplest ones. So, if you are tired of taking the daily contraceptive or birth control pill or are scared about the long-term effects of taking hormones, there is always another method of birth control that is simple, effective and economical- the Copper T. At TEATREE Healthcare, we clearly understand the importance of family planning and the medical treatments required for it. We, therefore, provide you with various birth control measures, one of them being the Copper T insertion that is performed in our treatment rooms.

What is a Copper T?

A Copper T is a simple intrauterine device or IUD that is made up of a flexible T-shaped piece of plastic which is wrapped with a thin copper that contains wire.  The shape of the Copper T is chosen as it fits perfectly around the uterus area, allowing the Copper T to stay in place for a long time, even years without moving around.

When the Copper T is inserted, the ends of the ‘T’ are folded and inserted into the patient with a tube that is more straw-like. Once fit in place, the spermicidal effects of the Copper T are in effect, and the tiny piece of copper and plastic becomes a device for birth control.

How Does Copper T Work?

The copper ions in the Copper T destroy the biochemical structures quickly by confounding the enzyme structures and making them useless. The copper ions can also bore holes in the cell membranes by interacting with the lipid bilayer of the cells, spilling the contents of the cells into the surrounding area.

Once a Copper T is fit in place, the copper ions separate from the coiled copper wire and alter the biochemistry around the uterus. The copper ions then leach into the uterine fluids and the cervical mucus. When these fluids come in contact with the sperm, the copper ions become the shell for the sperms.

Copper ions prevent the onset of a pregnancy by inhibiting the movement of the sperm due to the copper-ion that contains fluids are directly toxic to the sperm. Even if the spermatozoa fertilizes and egg, the copper ion surrounded area prevents the implantation of the fertilized egg. Thus, preventing pregnancy.

At TEATREE Healthcare, we understand the necessity of proper family planning and the medical treatments required for it. Therefore, we provide you with numerous birth control options, one of them being the Copper T insertion which is performed in our treatment rooms.

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