An abscess is a buildup of pus that can develop in various parts of the body and sometimes, a boil drainage or an operation may be needed to drain it. In addition to this, you may also require certain medications or antibiotics. We, at TEATREE Healthcare, understand the uncertainty of abscesses and the importance of its drainage or treatment. Therefore, we provide you with various treatments, including abscess or boil drainage in our safe, comfortable and well-equipped treatment rooms. 

What is An Abscess and What Can Cause it?

An abscess is a collection of pus, which in turn, is a thick fluid that contains dead tissue, white blood cells and bacteria. The pus may be green or yellow in colour and may have a slight odour. The primary cause of an abscess is a bacterial infection. Some bacteria are more likely than others to be pus-forming as they produce toxins that can damage the tissues in the body. This infection causes the immune system to set off white blood cells and toxins to fight against the bacteria. During this, some tissues die and cavity forms and fill with pus. This cavity grows bigger if the infection doesn’t stop and the pus cannot get out.

Where do Abscesses Form?

Inside the Body: An abscess forms inside the body within an organ or in the spaces between the organs. An abscess may be formed as a symptom or a side effect of some other infection in the body, for example, an infection in the liver can cause an abscess to form. An ultrasound scan or some other types of scan can confirm the onset of an abscess. If an infection occurs in the gums or teeth, the development of a dental abscess is also a possibility.

The Skin: Most abscesses form under the skin. For example, boil. Sometimes, a hair root becomes infected and develops into small abscesses. In very rare cases, women who breastfeed too can develop an infection in the breast that causes an abscess to form. The symptoms of a skin abscess may include swelling, pain, redness and warmth in the affected area.

At TEATREE Healthcare, we understand the uncertainty of abscesses and the importance of its drainage or treatment. Therefore, we offer you the best services and facilities to treat abscesses. With the best possible treatment rooms, we assure you a hygienic treatment and healthy recovery process.

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